Jet Lag

We got back on Saturday from our big trip to the US.  Our flight back was Jonah’s 8th flight and 4th transatlantic flight.  He is quite the little traveler.  Overall, he is a really great sport about all the travels.  He slept like a champ on the flight back-it was an overnight flight and he slept from about 15 minutes after to takeoff until about 45 minutes before landing.  Easy.  The shorter flights weren’t quite as wonderful-he skipped some naps because he was too excited and interested in everything going on around him, but he made up for it at the airport.

I felt so very lucky this whole trip because he was such a trooper through everything.  He managed to catch a bad bug on the way there that turned into the croup, he cut a tooth while we were there, was carted around to visit tons of different friends and family, went to 4 cities, and had to endure lots of shopping, restaurants, and car time- and he smiled through it all.  He loved all the activity and although car time was not his favorite, he put up with it pretty well.

When Jonah was first born, I was so worried that he wouldn’t be a good traveler.  If that were the case, it would really make things hard since we do so much of it.  But luckily, it must be in his genes-he seems to enjoy the new scenery as much as we do.  Nothing is perfect though and now that we’re finally home I think it’s all catching up with him.  He’s got pretty bad jet lag and to be honest so do we.  The past two nights he has gone to bed at the usual time and slept for a couple hours, then been awake for 3 hours before finally conking back out.  He acts like he’s so tired, but just can’t fall back asleep.  I can’t blame him, his body must think he just had a nap and needs to play a few hours before bedtime, but it’s hard when I’m jet lagged and exhausted too!  Hope that it doesn’t last long-today he’s been closer to his normal schedule so fingers crossed for tonight.

My advice for adjusting to jet lag is this:  1) wake your baby up as close to normal time as you can manage to get up to get them readjusted 2) sleep when they sleep just like when they were newborns-otherwise you will be super exhausted by the time they are finally caught up 3) follow your regular routine as close as you can, especially bedtime routines to give your baby the cues they need about what time they’re in now 4) get outside as much as you can and allow the light to help reset their internal clocks, 5) take a deep breath and know that you’ll all be back to sleeping soundly again very soon!

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