Girls’ Night Out

Last night was a fun Girls Night Out at a Cuban restaurant with the Bump and Babies crew.  I was still a little sick, jet lagged, and tired from my sleepless monkey at home, but I pulled it together for the sake of those mojitos.  And good company of course!  Glad I went because it was a lot of fun.  It’s so nice when you are a stay-at-home mom to go out and remember that life still goes on after the hour of 8 pm-it’s not just pj’s and prime time tv ;).  I’d say we had a good amount of non-baby talk also, which is always an impressive feat for a group of new moms.

Apparently a late night out and mojitos didn’t help with my recovery (go figure).  Still feeling blah today but it was good for the soul to get out and be social!  Definitely need those baby free nights from time to time and I’ve got to take them when they come.  They help me deal with nights like tonight when we are on our fourth night of mystery 3 hour awakening around 9 pm.  I think it’s still the jet lag plus what appears to be four teeth coming in all at once (good times) combined with a healthy dose of major developmental milestone-we just started officially walking yesterday.  Talk about a triple whammy.  And the eternal guessing game of “why is my child awake right now and what can I do to make him go back to sleep?!”  It’s just a phase, it will pass like all the other times I’m sure, but wow sometimes I just sit and daydream about my pre-Jonah days when I could sleep until noon if I wanted to.  Good thing he’s so cute-it’s only the cutest boys that I sacrifice sleep for!

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