Favorite Book Friday

If you know me, you know that a have a slight major obsession with children’s books.  Since I was a preschool teacher at one point I already had a decent collection before Jonah was born, but we now basically have our own library.  I just can’t help myself when I see a good children’s book!

I thought I’d share some of our favorite children’s books that go beyond the basics.  Since I’m always on the lookout for good kids’ books, I thought others might be too!

Here is the selection for this week:


This is a very cute story about a bear who misses out on all the fun his friends have in his cave over the winter because he is hibernating. When he wakes up, his friends help re-create the party for him.  I love this story because it’s very rhythmic and it allows for some fun voices and sound effects (like snoring that Jonah loves!).  Generally I’d say this book can be suitable for 1 year + but can be for even a little younger depending on how animated you can be when reading it! 🙂  This is part of a series and I love the others as well, especially Bear Feels Sick and Bear Gets Scared.

Happy Reading!

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