B is for Bob

Today was a Monday.  And it sure felt like one.  It’s always tough getting back into the swing of things when Lukasz has been with us for an extended period.  Today was his first business trip in about a month so we are back to reality now.  It’s always a little rough that first day back since I get used to having help or at least relief in the evenings.  And I think Jonah is to the point now that he has started to miss Daddy when he doesn’t come home before his bedtime.

Last week our dryer broke (actually almost caught on fire), over the weekend our dishwasher broke, and today when the landlord came to check it out he realized that the heat was also broken.  Good times at the Klukowski household.  At least we are not the homeowners!  But they can’t get anyone out here until Wednesday to fix the dryer and dishwasher (tomorrow for the heat).  So in all my spare time I will be washing dishes by hand and hanging my laundry to dry and wearing 12 layers to try and keep warm.

Oh well, c’est la vie.  The highlight of my day was discovering that Jonah’s favorite musical artist is Bob Marley.  Every time we play a Bob Marley cd or it comes on the iPod, he stops what he’s doing and starts dancing.  Today he turned the music on (by accident) and got the biggest smile on his face, then started grooving.  What can I say?  My child has good taste. 😉

I think he NEEDS this.



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