Playing in the Rain

One great thing about Prague is that there are plenty of indoor places for kids to play.  I guess this is a must since winters can be cold and damp, but on this rainy day we were happy for the option.  We met up with a friend for a play date at this great Indoor Playground (Kuliskov, located in the Kotva Mall in Prague 1 for any of you Prague friends who might be interested!).

This is exactly what I meant when I said Prague is very kid friendly.  This is a fantastic indoor playground with plenty of room and equipment for bigger kids and an area that is fenced off for the little ones.  They had really nice, clean toys and the ball pit was also a big hit for our two little ones.  There are tables and chairs just outside of the play area for parents of the bigger kids to watch from or just for a snack/coffee break.    High chairs were available and even a microwave to warm the food.  An afternoon here will set you back only about $4 (80 czk).

Definitely beats the Chuck E. Cheese back home.  I’m not sure whether Jonah had more fun playing or watching the big kids, but either way he loved it.  We will be back!

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