Calling in Sick

I wanted to call in sick on Wednesday, but the boss wasn’t having it…

(PS. I love how one eye is totally crossing in in this picture 😉 )  Anyway, from the moment I opened my eyes on Wednesday, I knew it was not going to be good.  I got hit hard with some kind of flu bug.  Maybe we had a little too much fun at that indoor playground on Tuesday.  Wherever the germs came from, they got me.  And really, is there any harder time to be a mom than when you’re sick?  Oh and stomach sick?!

All I wanted to do was this…

Ah…I remember how a sick day used to involve laying on the couch, feeling miserable, and waiting for the sickness to pass while indulging in trashy magazines and trashy TV.  But now there’s this guy waiting to be entertained…”Come on Mom, sing and dance!”

“I’m waiting…”  So I did what sick moms everywhere do-attempted to lie on my couch while I simultaneously played with my child ensured that my child did not stick any cords in his mouth or attempt any of his other dangerous tricks, wondered what I would feed said child for dinner, and tried not to barf.  Jonah must have known something was up because he was (thankfully!) on his best behavior.  And thank goodness I got sick Wednesday instead of Monday because Lukasz was due to arrive back from his business trip that evening.  Let me tell you, I was counting down the minutes!

My wonderful husband was slightly concerned that I had the bat/pig flu from the Contagion movie we just watched over the weekend (ha!).  I don’t know if that’s why, but he was kind and generous enough to work from home Thursday morning and then our baby-sitter came Thursday afternoon.  I think that’s about as good as you can get for a sick day with a baby.  I took it!  And felt much better by Friday.  We thought Jonah might be coming down with it, but turns out it was just the teeth (he went from 2 to almost 6 in about a week!).  Lukasz caught a touch of the bat/pig disease, but just for a day and he was over it.  Apparently I am the weakest link.

Happily, we’re all well and healthy for the moment and I’m ready to put on my best song and dance routine. 🙂

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