New Love

I am apparently at the point in my life where this is the most thrilling thing that has happened in quite some time…


Not sure I’m ok with that, but I am more than ok with the results.  This slow cooker is my new love and my new complete obsession.  I have used it every day since we got it and wow has it simplified my life!  

I’ve been wanting a slow cooker for a while now, but we kept putting it off because they are a bit more of an investment here than they are back home (like most things here).  However, lately Jonah’s social calendar seems to be picking up and we are busier than ever.  Also cooking dinner with a busy new walker getting into EVERYTHING is a challenge in itself.  So we bit the bullet and finally made the purchase and I’m so happy we did.  

On Sunday I threw some things in the crockpot at 2:00 and we played outside then went to the cafe for a glass of wine while dinner cooked.  Lo and behold when we returned the house smelled delicious and dinner was ready!  Where has this thing been all my life?  So far I’ve made sweet potato and chicken curry, mexican minestrone, and stuffed squash.  All ridiculously easy, healthy, and super delicious.  And Jonah has been a big fan as well.  Best.purchase.ever.

Now that I’ve got this to do my cooking, and this guy to to do the clean up…


I’m pretty much set. 😉   

2 thoughts on “New Love

  1. Holly Williams says:

    I am OBSESSED with our crockpot…I had no idea what one was before I met John and this week I have used it TWICE. LOVE IT! If you have any other recipes please share!! 🙂


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