Birthday Season

I have been MIA from blogging lately because…


birthday season has begun in the Klukowski household!  I turned 30 (!) this weekend and my two guys (mainly the grown up guy) made sure that I had an absolutely wonderful and unforgettable weekend.  My weekend was filled with flowers, a surprise brunch with friends, an amazing dinner at the fanciest restaurant in Prague, and a massage on Sunday to wrap up the weekend.  Best.birthday.ever.

I remember how 30 used to seem so old way back when and now suddenly I’m 30, but I still feel just as young as ever so I guess that’s a good thing. 😉  I also always presumed that when I was 30 I would have kids, but now I feel like such a young mom since I’m the first of a lot of my friends to have a baby.  I feel like 30 means you are officially an adult and your crazy days of youth are finally over, but having a baby for sure means that and since I had the baby first I guess I’ve been “grown up” for a while now.

So, next up on the birthday calendar is the J-man and then his daddy turns the big 3-0 soon after that.  It’s a big year for us!  Before we had Jonah, I always thought that birthday parties for one year olds were a bit silly.  I mean come on-they’re not going to remember it anyway!  But of course what are we in the midst of doing right now?  Planning a party that seems to keep getting bigger for our little man who wouldn’t even miss it if we didn’t have it.  But now I realize it’s as much a celebration for us as it is for him.  It’s our way of saying ‘hooray, we survived and managed to keep a tiny human alive for a whole year!’  And I think that’s worthy of a celebration. 🙂  Nothing too crazy-some friends, some food, some birthday cake, and plenty of pictures as proof for down the road.   Plus this…to top it all off!

Next on the agenda, planning round two of 30th birthday celebrations.  I don’t think I will be able to top the weekend that Lukasz pulled off for me, but luckily we will be in Paris for his birthday weekend, so that should help a bit!  I ❤ birthday fun!

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