Monkeying Around at the Prague Zoo

The “Klukowski B & B” just opened for the 2012 season!  We hosted our first visitor of the year last week (yay!).  We had a great time on a quick weekend getaway to Germany and then we showed her around Prague for the week.  She was kind enough to accompany me with my little monkey to the Prague Zoo on Wednesday and we had the perfect weather for it.

This was Jonah’s second time at the zoo, but seeing as how the first time we went he was only five months old, he was a bit more into it this time.  😉  The first trip to the Prague Zoo didn’t make much of an impression on me, but I thought maybe it was due to my sleep deprived state rather than the zoo itself.  And since everyone kept raving about the Prague Zoo, I decided we should give it another shot.

Turns out we definitely missed quite a lot of exhibits the first time, so there was more to it than I realized on the first go round.  But this time, we decided that we must be zoo snobs because we are so spoiled with great zoos where we are from (Hello Brookfield Zoo!).

We were a little underwhelmed…even this guy, but I don’t think that was the zoo’s fault. 🙂  There were some nice things about the zoo-the ape exhibit was very cool, there were lots of giraffes and we got to see them at feeding time, and there were tons of birds if you’re into that.

They’re in the midst of some construction and renovation projects which look like they will be a nice addition and give some of the larger animals more room to roam about.  It’s only a 150 kc (~$8.00) entry fee, so I think it’s what I would expect for that price.  There are a couple of outdoor cafes, “fast food” stands, and a nicer restaurant at the entrance so there are plenty of lunch options or you can always bring your own.  From April 1st, you can take a boat ride across the river to get to the zoo, which adds to the family fun aspect.  All in all, while I wouldn’t rank it as one of the best zoos in the world, it’s definitely a nice way to spend a day with the kiddos!

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