A Tribute

It’s been a crazy month.  Birthdays, travel, illness, but one thing has overshadowed all the rest.  Three weeks ago, my beautiful aunt passed away far too young from cancer, a disease that is far too prevalent.  My aunt was an amazing person and she was a lot of things to a lot of people.  To me, she was the life of the party in our family.  She was probably the funniest person that I have ever known and she always had a witty comment or comeback for everything.  When I was little, I knew that if she was at a family function, it would be far more entertaining.  More recently, my mom and I used to talk about how there were so many pictures of Jonah as a baby that needed a thought bubble and she was always the person we would want to ask-quick what is he thinking?  Without a doubt, she’d have a great reply.  There are so many jokes and lines of hers that we will always remember in our family and laugh about, and that is definitely something nice to leave behind when you are gone.

She was also someone I admired for living her life in a way that was so just honest and sure.  She was so sure of herself and so good at giving advice in a way that didn’t come off as judgmental, or know-it-all, but just as someone who cared, wanting to share what she had lived and learned and knew to be true.  I will always remember how she helped me when I was going through sleep training with Jonah.  She was just so convinced that it was the right thing to do that she absolutely convinced me.  If not for her I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it, but I’m so glad that I did because she was right.  It was the right thing to do for him and it worked, just like she said it would.

But most of all, when I think about my aunt I will remember what a caring person she was.  She cared so deeply about her family and she had such a truly kind heart.  Even facing her illness and all that she had to go through, it seemed like she was more concerned for her family than about herself.  She was so positive and optimistic and I think she set an amazing example for me and probably many others on how to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Our family gatherings will never be the same, that is for sure.  We will miss her- her laugh, her quick comebacks, her Texas cake.  We will miss her.  But what a legacy to leave behind.  Aunt Kathy, thanks for all the memories and the joy that they bring.  Until we meet again… ❤

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