Sunny in Spain

Buenos Dias from the Costa Del Sol!

We are in Torremolinos, Spain for a few days soaking up the sun. It’s a seaside town just outside Malaga with nice beaches, which accounts for what makes it such a popular spot for tourists. Before we left, a friend referred to this place as “British Spain” and I definitely get that. I’ve heard more English than Spanish here and there are loads of British restaurants everywhere you turn. There are also a lot of older Americans rolling through on Spanish/European tours.
Despite the lack of authentic Spaish flavor, it’s still a nice getaway for a beach fix and this guy has thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is our first trip with a 1 year old and I’m definitely noticing some differences. Little Man is getting a bit more of a say in the daily plans for one thing. šŸ˜‰ (An hour and a half of beaching was definitely all we could handle. So fun at first, but come on-I’m hotandtiredandbored!).

In some ways traveling with a toddler is easier for me because our schedule can be more flexible-late meal times, late bed times, etc.-and he just rolls with it. In other ways it’s harder-i.e. food. Now that he eats real people food it’s been a challenge to find 3 healthy square meals a day since we are staying in a hotel with no kitchen. I packed a couple of those unfortunate shelf stable toddler meals, but I’m trying to save those for emergencies. We’ve done well so far finding things and restaurants have been accommodating in giving us a kids size portion of veggie lasagna or some other similar healthy, decent food. It also helps that Jonah has quite the distinguished palate, AKA is not picky in the least. ;). He ate Indian food tonight like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted. Or maybe it was just because dinner was really late and he was extra hungry. šŸ˜‰

Regardless, traveling with a toddler has its ups and downs, but ultimately I think it’s worth it. I remind myself this every time I’m packing for the next trip! We enjoy seeing new things and while vacations may not be as relaxing as they once were, it is still nice to get out and see something new while we enjoy some family time.

Jonah is a real trooper when it comes to traveling, but I really think that (for the most part) he enjoys it too. I can see him trying to make sense of it all when we’re on the plane looking out the window or at the beach looking out at the ocean, and he definitely loves the interaction with all the people. Kids are cute in any language and it’s nice to feel that connection across different cultures.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Granada for the weekend and then back home on Sunday. I’m looking forward to our layover at the Madrid Airport because of this:


Seriously, how cool is this? A kids play area at the airport! This is the smaller one in Terminal T3-all this stuff, plus a ball pit, climbing mats, changing area for babies, kids potties, a kitchen to prepare baby food, and an attendant to check you in and monitor everything. Plus comfy chairs for the adults. All airports should get on board with this! Genius!

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