Bats in the Belfry

Here’s a quick photo recap of our weekend in Granada a couple of weeks ago.  We loved it.  It was a ton of fun and the Alhambra was truly breathtaking.  We rented a super cool apartment with a view of the Alhambra and rooftop terrace.  The first evening, Lukasz and I were sitting out on the terrace enjoying the view and a nice glass of Spanish wine and we noticed that there were a lot of birds racing around, chirping noisily.  “Hmm, that’s weird that there’s so many birds out and it’s almost dark,” I remarked to Lukasz.

I think it dawned on us both at the same time…Upon closer investigation, we discovered Ah Ha!  those are definitely not birds.  It was hundreds of bats flying blind as they do and dangerously close to our heads!  Luckily this display only lasted about 15 minutes, but it happened at the same time every evening.  They must have been heading out on the hunt.  Yikes!

Travel tips: 1) Unfortunately, unless you are a from a Spanish speaking country, your child (like ours) is probably not accustomed to or at all down with the idea of eating dinner at 9 pm.  More unfortunately for you, this means that if you visit Spain with a small child, you will most likely wind up eating in a tourist trap that only caters to tourists who cannot acclimate to the Spanish way.  Which means the food will suck.  Wah wah.  Oh Jonah, it’s not just anyone that I would pass up delicious Spanish tapas for!

2)  When an apartment is advertised as “romantic,” that is code for NOT toddler friendly!  We rented a place that looked amazing online and in real life it was amazing-especially had it just been the two of us.  But with my wild child who is into everything, a split level with three floors, a spiral staircase, and a giant cactus on the rooftop terrace (plus bats) was just not ideal.  We managed though and were no worse for the wear.  The  owner did tell us that she gave birth to her first child in the bedroom (TMI???) and then when the second child came along, the place just didn’t work for them anymore.  Ya think?  I’m impressed they managed it with the one.  Plus baby!

Ok, I said this would be quick…enough words!

(Even this sacred space is not exempt from a temper tantrum 😉 )







El fin!

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