We had a fun Halloween weekend this year…and given that Jonah got a stomach bug last Halloween and missed out on the festivities, I’d say it was a million times better than last year!  We missed our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, but we picked apples early and found a nice, small pumpkin there.  Then I found an even bigger and better one at the grocery store on Friday, so we had fun carving it on Halloween morning.  I was impressed that Jonah drew the face all by himself this year!


On Saturday evening our sweet neighbors volunteered to host everyone for food and games before the main event of trick or treating.  The boys were beyond excited to see all their friends in costume and they had a blast at the party.



We ended the evening on a trick or treating “trek” around our neighborhood and the village nearby.  Trick or treating is not very common here, but because of the large amount of expats in the area there are neighborhoods and pockets all around Geneva and the surrounding villages that participate.  We got lucky and hit about 10 houses all in one neighborhood, but then had a looong walk to end at the village next to us where the Dads were waiting while drinking beer and watching sports passing out candy. 😉  Luckily the kids were all wired with excitement so there were no complaints about the long trek.  It’s funny because what they got wouldn’t have even compared to the haul they would have made in the States, but my boys have never trick or treated in the US and the other kids who have did not seem in the slightest bit disappointed.  For them, the evening was a big success and loads of fun.


On Sunday Lukasz left for a business trip, but I ended the festive weekend with the boys at a Trunk or Treat organized by Lukasz’s work.  The kids scored loads of candy, stuffed their faces with snacks, and had fun in the costume parade.


At this point Mason was beyond done with posing for pictures in his costume, but you get the idea. 😉  We had a great Halloween and I’m so happy that even far from home in a country that doesn’t really celebrate this holiday our boys got to experience some real Halloween fun!

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