A Weekend in the Italian Alps


A few weekends ago we were lucky to sneak in a little grown up weekend in the Italian Alps!  My mom is here visiting and she generously offered to watch the kids for us so that we could have a couple of weekend getaways.  We were excited for the opportunity, but not sure exactly where we wanted to go-it needed to be within a 2 hour drive since we were just going for 1 night and we knew we wanted something snowy and cozy.  So I started researching and stumbled upon a new hotel in the town of La Thuile, Italy.

Nira Montana is a five-star, luxury hotel with a spa and restaurant in a cozy, chalet style.  Normally we are not luxury hotel kind of people-for us I think it’s a waste of money since we spend so little time in the hotel and prefer to be out sightseeing.  But in this case, we really wanted to relax and unwind and so we were looking for a hotel with a nice spa where we could hang out and enjoy the restaurant, bar, and amenities.  We were also looking at some places in Switzerland and found some four-star hotels for the same price or more that didn’t look as nice.  I think because the hotel is new, because La Thuile is a town that is just now becoming a ‘resort town,’ and just because it’s Italy, prices were lower than Switzerland so this place just seemed like more bang for your buck.


We weren’t sure what kind of weather we would find when we got there since it was pouring when we left Geneva and still pouring by the time we got to Chamonix.  But once we drove through the Mt. Blanc tunnel, we came out into Italy and it turned into a winter wonderland!

It snowed hard all day on Saturday so it was a bit too foggy at the top of the mountains for skiing.  Instead we rented snow shoes and after a quick lunch went out to give them a try.  There were lots of snow shoe trails in the area, but we wanted a nice, easy one for the first time.  We hiked around a flat park and enjoyed the snow and the scenery.

So much fun and I liked that it didn’t require too much coordination!  After our walk, we headed back to the hotel ready to relax.  The spa was so nice with a pool with jets, hammam, multiple saunas, and relaxation rooms.  We enjoyed a couples massage that was pure bliss and then spent some time just relaxing at the spa.  So wonderful!!!

I could have stayed in the spa forever, but my stomach was starting to growl after our afternoon workout so we got cleaned up for dinner at the hotel restaurant.  Our room was small, but I loved the design-the whole place was very chalet-chic!

The food and wine at dinner were excellent and the service was impeccable.  We couldn’t pass up pasta since we were in Italy after all, but Lukasz had an interesting and creative appetizer of scallops with crushed pepper, olives, and popcorn (?!) that was really delicious.  After dinner we ended the night with a drink at the bar-they had a great drink list with some tasty winter cocktails.  Perfect way to celebrate a wonderful day!



The next day we woke up rested and relaxed and ready for more snowy adventures.  It had snowed all night and was still snowing and foggy up high so we decided to head out on the snowshoes again.  We went out for a couple of hours on a steeper trail this time and enjoyed the snow and scenery.  It was fun and definitely a work out!

We came back and relaxed in the spa for a bit and then enjoyed some pizzas at the hotel’s pizzeria before heading out.  We thought we might ski for an hour before heading home but the snow was really coming down and we wanted to make sure we got down the mountain before dark so we skipped it for this time.  We did make sure to stop at a couple of shops in town and picked up the most delicious chocolates at the town’s cute little chocolate shop where the chocolates are all made in-house.  Definitely not to be missed!


We had such a fabulous weekend and I really cannot say enough good things about the hotel.  The service was absolutely wonderful and the staff were incredibly helpful and kind.  I loved all the little details like the goody bag we got when the shuttle dropped us off at the snowshoe trail-filled with sunscreen, L’Occitane chap stick, a snack, and bottled water-the air freshener for the car on the journey home, and the homemade biscotti we found in our luggage when we came home and unpacked.  This was the perfect place for a romantic weekend away, but the nice thing is that it’s also family friendly!  Who knows, maybe we’ll be back in the summer with the kids?!




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