Lovely Lucern



My mom is near the end of her visit with us, so the weekend before last we all headed to Lucern to show her something new.  I’ve heard great things about Lucern and wanted to visit in the summer, but the huge benefit of visiting in the winter is that most hotels offer a free Telepass (valued at 100 CHF) when you stay for two nights.  The telepass includes all bus travel around Lucern, boat rides, telecabine rides up to Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi, and train travel to different towns in the area so it is truly a great deal!

We arrived at our hotel, Hotel Hofgarten, on Friday evening and we were happy to find that we had been upgraded to a huge family room with a kitchenette.  My mom was up the stairs in a cute little single room and the accommodations were great.

On Saturday we woke up to a beautiful morning for strolling through the old town of Lucern and after a delicious Swiss breakfast, we went to check it out.  We of course had to walk across the famous Chapel Bridge, which is the world’s oldest covered wooden bridge.  I was surprised at just how long this bridge actually is and it was also nice to see a local Saturday market on the river bank just next to the bridge.  It was a lovely walk admiring the lake, river, and mountains in the background.

But as lovely as the old town was, we knew we wanted to go up to the top of Mount Pilatus, so we figured we should take advantage while the sun was shining!  It was about a 15 minute bus ride from the center and then a 10 minute walk up to the cable car station.  We first started out in the smaller, four person cable car and the final leg was in a large cable car with floor to ceiling windows to admire the views.

We were hoping to stop midway to the top and do some sledding with the kids since our friends did the same last winter and had a great time, but unfortunately it had been a very warm week and there wasn’t much snow left!  We had enough to keep us entertained at the top though with the gorgeous views and short walks in different directions.  There was also a restaurant where we had a light lunch since we were still full from breakfast.

Mt. Pilatus is 6,982 feet (2,128 meters) and according to legend, dragons used to live in these mountains.  On one of the cavernous walkways you can explore, it almost seems possible (or maybe I have just watched too much Game of Thrones?!)!


We stopped on the way back down the mountain because the boys had spotted a playground-and we didn’t mind the view!  There were bbq pits and lots of local families enjoying the day.


That evening we had a fantastic dinner at the hotel and then my mom stayed with the boys so that Lukasz and I could sneak out for a drink.  It wasn’t that easy to find a place that looked inviting, but we strolled around the old town and finally found a wine bar.

On Sunday it rained all day, but fortunately we had planned on visiting the famous Transport Museum.  The kids were in heaven and probably my husband too.  It was really well done and a great way to spend a rainy day…or even a nice one as there is a great “construction site” for the kids to play in outside.

We all had a great time and I’m so happy we’ve finally visited this beautiful city!





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