Dr. Jonah Turns 5!


I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that we have a 5 year old (!), but here we are.  Jonah’s birthday was just after we returned from the U.S. and he was lucky enough to have multiple celebrations-with family back home, at school, with our good friend who came to visit, and the finale was the science party we threw for him.

Since he is big into anything science and wants to be a scientist when he grows up, a science themed party seemed to be the obvious choice.  Luckily since we were in the U.S. just before the party it was much easier to get all the supplies for an afternoon of experiments and fun!  The kids were enthralled with the experiments and I had so much fun playing science teacher for the afternoon.

We set up a bucket out in the yard filled with water beads and different tools for entertainment while the kids were all arriving.  Then once everyone was there, the mini scientists all donned their lab coats, badges, and safety glasses and the fun began!


For the first experiment, the kids were amazed at the chemical reaction that caused the balloons to blow up-a mixture of baking soda in the balloons and vinegar in the bottle.

Next, it was time to make snow!  I purchased a small container of Insta-Snow from the Steve Spangler website and the kids had a great time watching the powder turn into “snow.”  We talked about how the substance was similar and different from real snow and explained how the powder works (it soaks up the water like thousands of tiny sponges), then we made another batch and added food coloring.  The snow all went into a baggy and the kids got to take it home along with their favor bag.

I also purchased the green slime making kit from the Steve Spangler Science website and it was a hit.  Everyone got two cups of solution that they mixed together in a bowl to make the slime.  We talked about solids and liquids and how slime is not either, or both!  Everyone put their slime into little plastic containers that they also took home.

The next experiment was one I found online and I really should have looked up the science behind it…I’m not sure how it works, but it was cool!  We filled rimmed plates with milk and added drops of food coloring in different colors.  The kids stuck a cotton swab in and mixed the colors around a bit.  Then before they got too mixed, they dipped the cotton swab in dish soap and mixed the colors.  The colors were repelled by the dish soap and it made it seem like they were dancing around.  Fun!

Then it was time for the big finale-volcanoes!  The kids each got an aluminum pan and inside were cups of vinegar.  They chose the colors they wanted to add and then they each got a packet of baking soda to pour down the line and make their volcanoes erupt.

I really had just as much fun as the kids watching their excitement with all of the experiments!  The key I found to making this run smoothly was having trays set up before the party for each experiment with everything measured and poured out and all ready to go.  This way they weren’t losing interest waiting around for the next experiment and I wasn’t stressed trying to get it ready.  Each experiment held their attention for about 10-15 minutes and we moved on when they were ready for the next (with a few hand washing breaks in between experiments!).

After the experiments it was time to play a bit and then dinner and cake.  Such a fun party and I hope it will be one Jonah remembers!  Five years have flown by in the blink of an eye, but I feel so lucky to be the mommy of such a sweet, fun, smart, inquisitive boy.  We love you to the moon and back, Dr. Jonah!






Test tubes, Insta-Snow, and Slime Solution all from Steve Spangler Science Shop

Printables from Etsy

Five Science t-shirt from Etsy




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