A Weekend in Bergen

After a fun and adventure-filled few days at the fjords, we headed back to Bergen to explore the second largest city in Norway.



We loved the town…small and walkable, but hip with plenty to entertain-it was the perfect way to end our trip.  The Old Town area of Bryggen is a UNESCO world heritage site-it’s the area with those colorful wooden buildings and alleyways along the water.  Although slightly touristy, it was a nice place to wander around before stopping for an obligatory lunch at the fish market.

The market prices were hefty, but the seafood was fresh and delicious!  We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around town and into lots of adorable Scandi-chic design shops.

On our way back to our cute little Airbnb apartment we heard some really loud music that sounded familiar.  Then we saw a giant screen and after some googling, we discovered that there was a big music fest in Bergen that weekend and at that moment we were listening to their headliner, Lukas Graham, who happens to be Norwegian!  We got back to our apartment and enjoyed the concert (love the song Seven Years!) from our rooftop balcony.  It was so random and fun.


All was going well on our lovely afternoon…the apartment manager came and joined us for a chat and a drink, he left, concert ended, and we decided we’d get ready to head out to dinner.  And then we realized we were locked out on the balcony!  The door had apparently been locked earlier and not realizing it, the guy pulled it closed on his way out.  We had our phones, but weren’t able to get in contact with anyone so after about 20 minutes I started to slightly panic.  Luckily my ingenious husband spotted the open window of another apartment that he could potentially climb into and after figuring out that no one was there I halfway hoisted him up the roof and he halfway threw himself in.  Phew.  We made it to dinner, which was clearly my biggest concern. 😉

After dinner, we stopped by the Royal Gourmetburger and Gin for the best g and t’s ever.  The prices were eye-watering so we just got one each, but they were so worth it.  Mine was some kind of cilantro, geranium concoction and I am still dreaming about it.  After the cocktails, we had gotten a tip to check out the town from the outskirts at the bar in the old sardine factory so we headed for one last drink.  Not the liveliest bar, but the views were just lovely, especially with the setting midnight sun.


On our last day in Norway, we headed up the Floibanen funicular to Mt. Floyen.  The views were amazing and once at the top there were tons of hikes and trails to go on.  There were also playgrounds, lots of trolls and random, funny signs on trees, making for a delightful day out.  Since it was the weekend there were more locals than tourists heading up for hikes, picnics, and just to hang out.




I was pretty stoked to finally try the “original” cinnamon roll, which apparently are a Bergen specialty…not frosted, lightly sweetened, and very tasty!


As fun as Norway was, that evening we had a flight to catch.  We had an overnight layover in Copenhagen, so we were excited to revisit the city and see some new things there.  But before we headed for the airport we grabbed some lunch from La Taqueria to eat at the square and enjoyed the.best.tacos.in.europe…which doesn’t really say much if you have sampled much Mexican food over here.  But really, they were awesome.

One last stop at a stave church on the way out to the airport (highly overpriced, wouldn’t recommend), and we were off to Denmark.  We checked into our hotel, had some tapas in the lounge, and then took the metro in to wander around the city a bit.  We hit some of the main sites, including the Little Mermaid statue, and enjoyed a beautiful late night sunset.  Great end to a great trip!





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