Italian Road Trip


After our Lake Como adventure, we had just one full day at home to unpack, do laundry, and pack again and then we were off for our adventure in Tuscany!  We decided to take the longer way down along the Ligurian coast so that we could break up the drive and stay near the sea and then have a pit stop in Pisa on our way to our Tuscan villa.

We found a charming agriturismo near Santa Margherita on AirBnB where we were hoping to have a nice Italian dinner upon arrival, but unfortunately we hit tons of traffic so wound up eating at a gas station along the way.  Although Lukasz was not a happy camper when we basically had to drive up a small mountain after a long and tiring drive, the views from the balcony that evening and the next day were worth it (he agreed 😉 )!  The family was so sweet and welcoming and they gave us a bottle of delicious sparkling wine to enjoy that evening.  It was a great start to vacation sitting out looking at the sea with fireflies all around us and cow bells jingling in the background.

The next morning we woke for a simple but tasty breakfast prepared by the “Nona” of the family.  We walked around the farm to visit the animals and then it was time to hit the road!



Our next stop was the beautiful town of Portofino, just 15 minutes away.  I had looked at doing a private boat ride, which sounded like fun, but we didn’t really have enough time for it.  Instead we had fun just walking around the small but beautiful town, climbing up to the church for a different vantage point, and enjoying a snack and a drink with a view!







Portofino was so pretty, but definitely pricey.  A perfect place to stop for a couple of hours though!  And then it was time again to hit the road…next stop:  Pisa!

Finally in Tuscany, we had to stop to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and take the obligatory photos.  Jonah had learned about the tower in some books we read about Italy and he was quite excited to see it.


The funniest thing was seeing hundreds of tourists all standing still and putting their hands in their air for the perfect picture.  Lukasz said that the scene looked the same when he was there as a kid more than 20 years ago…just with less of a chance for an actual good picture since it wasn’t digital! 😉


It was a fun start to our adventure in Italy and then it was finally time to make our way to our villa for the week and FINALLY time to meet up with our friends!

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