A Week Under the Tuscan Sun


Sometimes when a place is super well known or popular, I worry that it might not live up to the hype in real life.  No need to fear when it comes to Tuscany…I’m happy to report that it really IS that beautiful and amazing and wonderful!  We spent a week under the Tuscan sun and what made it even more perfect was that our dear friends from Prague joined us for the week and we could not have had a better time.



We stayed at La Certaldina, an agroturismo with eight apartments in total, in between Florence and Siena.  The villa was nice with great views of vineyards, olive trees that they use to make their own olive oil, and a big pool that we spent lots of time enjoying.

The kids took about 30 seconds to reconnect and then proceeded to spend the rest of the week having a blast together without even a single fight.  We loved it because they entertained one another and the grown ups had time to visit and even get a bit of r & r.  Friend vacations for the win!


Our week was a good mix of exploring towns and villages and hanging by the pool.  On Sunday we spent a low key day by the pool and then went into the tiny village of Barberino Val d’Elsa to have a walk around before we enjoyed a lovely dinner in the countryside.







Barberino Val d’Elsa was one of the tinier towns in the area, but it was just so charming.  We loved walking the cobbled streets and seeing beauty around every corner.  With all this beauty everywhere you turn, it seems pretty impossible not to have a good time!

A traditional Tuscan dinner and a breathtaking sunset and we knew we were in for a great week ahead.








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