The 2017 Wanderlist

We’ve got a new name around here and a new look coming soon-changes that I’m very excited about!  We’re just back from an incredible spring break trip to Oman and I’m still sorting through the hundreds of pictures, but posts will be coming soon about our trip.  In the meantime, here’s a list of some of the places on our wanderlist for this year.



Oman is not a place that has been on our bucket list, but after a friend who lived there recommended it and after seeing some amazing photos, we were intrigued.  I love the popular tourist destinations as much as anyone, but there’s just something about traveling “off the beaten path” that is so exciting.  It turned out to be a great decision and a wonderful family destination that I’m so happy we added to our wanderlist.



photo by Jeanne Menjoulet

Cassis is a small town in the south of France that we added to our list after seeing pictures from friends of the stunning Calanques, cliffs along the sea that you can hike along.  We are going over a long weekend in May and looking forward to discovering this beautiful scenery.

–Montenegro and the Balkans


photo by amira_a

Montenegro has long been on my list and we thought we would go last year but since flights were expensive, we wound up in Menorca instead.  This year, we’ve allotted more time to the trip and found it much more cost effective to fly into Dubrovnik (only a 2 hour drive to Kotor) and while we are at it explore a bit more of the Balkans.  Montenegro is said to be similar to Croatia before it exploded in tourism popularity.  Since we are renting a car, we will make a loop and also check out Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the interior of the country.

–Lavender Fields of Provence


photo by Salva Barbera

Seeing the lavender fields of Provence has been at the top of my list since we moved here, but there is such a short window from when the lavender blooms to when it is harvested that we haven’t yet gotten the timing right among other plans.  This is the year we’ve made it a priority and hopefully the lavender will cooperate!

–Cinque Terre


photo by Raffaele Sergi

Cinque Terre is made up of five small fishing villages in Italy and it has become so extremely popular in the travel world that we’ve been undecided on whether or not to make it here.  I want to see for myself some of the places that I’ve become so familiar with by now in photos, but I don’t want to fight crowds to do it.  I’ve recently read about a place on the Ligurian coast that feels very similar to Cinque Terre but without the crowds, so I’m not sure yet which place we’ll end up at!



photo by Heribert Bechen

We’re not sure yet what the travel plans will be for the second half of the year as we are still not certain where we will be living.  However, I’ve become completely obsessed with the idea of visiting Namibia after reading some travel articles and then finding this description of an amazing family trip there.  I had convinced Lukasz we should go there this past spring break, but unfortunately with limited accommodation you need to plan well in advance.  So now I’m already plotting for next spring break!  Or maybe 2019.  Either way, it’s definitely well on the list. 😉

So that’s our tentative travel plans for this year along with lots of weekend and day trips to the gorgeous Swiss mountains.  I’d love to hear what’s on your Wanderlist!

Happy Travels!

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  1. Its a great list you have! My list is looong! I guess the list is long for all travelholic like us!
    If you do mange to go to lavendel field in France don’t miss gorge de verdon at same area. Suppose to be very beautiful (both on my list). We were at Cassis two years ago and I was 9 month pregnant hiking to the Calangue d’En Vau beach. People were scared for my sake!😂
    This year we are not leaving switzerland as we are leaving next summer for a long trip RTW.


    1. Thanks, Dawna! Yes, somehow the list just keeps growing! 😉 would love to see the gorge de verdon-have also heard its amazing! And oh my-what a hike at 9 months pregnant! Pretty sure I considered it a victory just to walk around the block then. 🙂 A RTW trip-how exciting!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great list, lots to look forward to – even though I haven’t been to any of those places. I’ve been to South Africa, though, and I suppose it’s comparable to Namibia.
    Can’t wait to see the actual posts about your trips!


  3. Lovely list! I have done 2 of them since I have been living in Provence during my childhood so it was easy for me to see lavender fields every year ;). What is really great is also the scent of it!!!
    I have also been to the Cinque Terre and it is lovely. Take at least 1 or 2 days to walk along the coast as it is really lovely and not so hard. I have been there in September to avoid the heat and the crowd but there is still some at that time but not as much as I imagine it must be during summer!


    1. Thank you! I cannot wait to experience the lavender fields. Been on my bucket list for ages. 🙂 Thanks for the info on Cinque Terre…I had a weekend booked for June, but now thinking we might postpone until October. Hoping for less crowds! 🙂


  4. I can’t wait to hear all the details of your Oman trip. We are hoping to go soon and I loved following along on your Instagram feed. We are also doing a few Switzerland weekend getaways this year. Just one week away this summer so far to Norway and hopefully most of the summer spent at our local badi.


    1. Thanks, Kate! Excited to hear about your Norway travels…Love that country so much! And yes, it feels like there is always more Switzerland to explore. 🙂 We are also hoping for some weekend adventures and maybe even camping! Now if only that warm, sunny weather would arrive!


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