On our recent trip to Israel, we partnered with Puzzle Israel for an “off the beaten path” one day private tour around the north of the country. Puzzle Israel is a unique tour agency in Israel that provides bespoke tours…basically anything you dream up they can provide. And if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, they have plenty of ideas!

When talking with Nir, the owner of Puzzle Israel, we gave him the parameters of family friendly and something unique. He came up with an interesting itinerary of heading north to visit Carmel Mountain, Haifa and the Bahai Gardens, and visiting the organic farm of a kibbutz. We had an extra day while we were staying in Tel Aviv with nothing on the agenda, so we thought it would be perfect to get out and see something different.

Enjoying the view from Mount Carmel

The morning of our tour was filled with beautiful views and after stopping for lunch, we made our way to the farm. After learning a bit about life on the kibbutz from Arnon, the boys got to work feeding the animals and collecting eggs. Next, Arnon taught us how to make pita bread and then he cooked it up in the wood fired stove. We enjoyed a delicious meal of omelettes from the eggs the boys had gathered, the pita bread we made, and salad from the veggies grown on the farm. It was such a unique experience and really fun for the whole family!

Our tour guide, Sagi, had a wealth of information and being the father of three, he was completely understanding when we had to stop to feed the baby or when the boys needed some time to run around. Car seats were helpfully provided and while this particular tour was quite a bit of time in the car, it did give us the opportunity to chat a lot with Sagi about Israel’s history, culture, and current politics. We really enjoyed learning more about Israel and getting a little off the beaten path with this tour.

Puzzle Israel offers everything from daily tours to multi day trips with all the details accounted for. Our friends, The Worldwide Webers did a food tour through Tel Aviv with them that looked amazing! If you’re visiting Israel, we’d definitely recommend connecting with Puzzle Israel to help you set up a family friendly tour.

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