When we were considering where to travel for a little babymoon trip this past fall, we first thought about some beachy destinations. But flight prices were high, Zika-free zones were limited, and to be honest I was at that point in my pregnancy where it’s still unclear if you’re pregnant or just ate too many cheese fondues so lounging around in a bathing suit all day was also not super appealing! So we started doing some research on other places on our bucket list and the region of Cappadocia, Turkey kept jumping out at me. I’ve wanted to visit for a while and it looked like a very romantic place for a little grown up getaway!

Turns out it was an absolutely perfect choice for a babymoon trip…super romantic, plenty to do, with some nice relaxing time too. I think this trip would be just fine with kids, but if you have the chance for a grown up trip it’s a really special place for some one one one time! Keep reading for all the details on where we stayed and what we got up to in this fairytale land.


// Getting There //

There are two ways to access the region of Cappadocia: you can either fly into Kayseri, which is an almost one hour drive to the main town of Göreme, or you can fly into Nevsehir, a thirty minute drive from Göreme. Most flights will connect through Istanbul so if you haven’t been there yet, it’s a great idea to spend a couple of nights exploring that beautiful city before or after you head to Cappadocia!

We flew into Kayseri because we found the best price on flights into that airport. It was very easy to organize a shuttle from the airport through our hotel and most hotels in the area can do the same for a pretty low price. Although it was a bit of a long journey, everything went smooth. Our return flight was very early in the morning so we spent our last night in Kayseri. More on that later!


//Where to Stay

We spent two nights in the most popular town of Göreme, one night in Uçhisar, and one night in Kayseri. This worked out well for us and if you have the time I’d definitely recommend adding Uçhisar to your itinerary for a night. It’s quieter than Göreme and we really enjoyed the view of the hot air balloons from here.


We stayed at the insta-famous Sultan Cave Suites and despite its popularity (and slightly insta-annoying guests ;)), we would recommend it. The hotel rooms are built into a cave and it has an absolutely stunning rooftop terrace that they stage every morning for balloon viewing photos. From the photos it looks like we enjoyed a private, calm sunrise but alas we shared it with about 30 other hotel guests who all had the same idea. It was a bit of an organized chaos but the hotel management does a good job ensuring it stays fairly orderly and making sure it is hotel guests only which helps a bit with the crowd.

The hotel staff were friendly, the breakfast spread was huge and delicious, and the rooms were clean. Overall we enjoyed our stay here! There’s even an insta-famous dog that seems to enjoy being the center of attention…but sometimes even he needs a break from the fame!


After two nights in Göreme, we made our way by taxi to the boutique hotel, Taskonaklar in Uçhisar. Highlights of this hotel were the hugely spacious and beautiful cave room with a jacuzzi on the terrace, the fantastic breakfast that could be delivered to your room or terrace, the views of Pigeon Valley, and the tasty restaurant food. The downfalls were the staff-not super friendly and a bit odd (one employee upon finding out I was pregnant questioned whether we were married and demanded to know whether my doctor had approved my hot tub use), and the bees-so many bees hovering over our breakfast that we eventually gave up and moved it inside. Overall, I’d still recommend this hotel. The views of the balloons from here were magical and it was so much more calm and peaceful watching from here versus our crowded rooftop in Göreme.


For our last night in Turkey, we stayed in Kayseri thanks to our early flight the next morning. We took a taxi from Göreme that cost about $40 USD and that night we stayed at the Radisson Blu. There was a spa and pool that we visited and a big shopping center next door that we wandered through. We were a bit tired from the trip so didn’t go out and explore but if you have more time you can book a tour up to the neighboring mountain, Mt. Erciyes. It is actually a volcano and it’s responsible for the beautiful fairy chimney landscape of Cappadocia, but now it’s a popular spot for skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

Overall, the prices in Cappadocia were very low so your money goes much farther here than in some other places you might consider for a babymoon. Food and drinks were fresh, cheap, and delicious…you definitely won’t go hungry in this region! In the next post, I’ll tell you how we spent our days and some things you absolutely must do when you visit Cappadocia.

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  1. Reading your blog and seeing these magnificent photos makes me feel like I was right there with you!! You certainly have a way with words! ❤️

    1. No, unfortunately not according to Turkish aviation rules. We did find one company that was willing to book the balloon for us knowing that I was pregnant but that’s only if you are 28 weeks or less. We used Cappadocia Balloon Tours, but then our balloon was cancelled because of weather!

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