I love that with a new year comes new travel plans and I love hearing about everyone’s trips for the year on social media.  Last year we had an epic travel year and stuck pretty close to our list on where to travel.  This year, however, we’ve got lots of big ideas but not sure which ones we will put into reality since 1) our family is expanding very soon and 2) many of our destinations are fairly far-flung which comes with a higher cost to get there!

So without further ado, here is our list of 9 places to travel this year that we think would be pretty amazing!

1) Tel Aviv, Israel

adam-jang-320626-unsplashphoto by Adam Jang

We’ve seen Isreal popping up on several people’s travel lists this year and it’s one that it is on our list too.  A vibrant city with culture, great food, a beach, and lots of history, it seems like a can’t miss destination!

2) Georgia


The country of Georgia has been on our travel list for a few years running now, but logistically it’s not the easiest place for us to get to.  We’d love for this to be the year that we finally make it there as it keeps coming across our radar as a fantastic off the beaten path destination.  The capital city of Tbilisi has enough to keep you exploring for a day or two and the stunning views in the Carpathian mountains are just calling our names!

3) Milan


photo by Caleb Stokes

It’s hard to believe that we have lived in Geneva for almost five years and somehow still haven’t made it to the famous city of Milan.  We’d like to do a weekend here to visit the Duomo, see Da Vinci’s Last Supper, and just stroll through the city.  If you visit Italy from further afield, Milan is a great place to fly into and check out before you make your way to other parts of Italy like the Italian Lakes region.

4) Faroe Islands


photo by Annie Spratt

Known as one of the last wild places in Europe, the Faroe Islands are home to more sheep than human inhabitants.  With stunning landscapes, this seems like a nature destination that’s right up our alley.  If we do visit this year, I’m sure it will be important to be very well prepared with diapers and any other baby needs…the grocery stores here seem to be few and far between!

5) Albania


photo by Gjata Ervin

Several years ago when we lived in Prague, we had a friend who visited Albania and absolutely raved about it.  Back then I made a mental note to add it to my bucket list and since then, I’ve seen various travel articles pop up about it as well as talked to other travelers who have been there and enjoyed it.  Closed to tourists for most of the 20th century, Albania opened its doors to outsiders with the end of communism there in 1991.  Since then, tourism has been steadily increasing but you’ll hardly have to beat back the hordes here.  With gorgeous mountains and stunning beaches, this small country has a lot to offer and we’re anxious to check it out!

6) Dolomites, Italy


photo by Paul Gilmore

Jumping from a couple of off the beaten path destinations to the Insta-Famous Dolomite mountains, we can definitely overlook this area’s popularity to go and check it out for ourselves.  By now you probably know that we have a thing for mountains and the jagged Dolomites look particularly impressive.  We’ve even seen a few kinderhotels in the area that cater to families…sounds even better to us for a summer destination!

7) Uzbekistan


photo by Joelle LC via Pixabay

Uzbekistan has opened its doors to travelers and while it’s now easier to get into than in the past, there are still relatively few tourists making it a perfect time to visit this historic land.  With cities that were situated along the ancient silk road, Uzbekistan has a rich history, stunning architectural landmarks, and a desert landscape that all make this country a fascinating place to explore.

8) Cinque Terre, Italy


photo by Linh Nguyen

I really can’t believe we haven’t made it to this famous spot yet given it’s so close…but to be honest, the crowds have scared us off a bit!  I think this is the year we have to finally visit these five charming fishing villages along the Ligurian coast and to ease the pains of overcrowding, we plan to visit in the off season and stay in one of the other small towns along the coast.  We will just visit by train during the day and try and have a more relaxing time this way but still hopefully see what all the hype is about!

9) Val d’Herens, Switzerland

Our last pick for destinations is close to home for us, in the canton of Valais.  Val d’Herens looks like a winter wonderland destination and with winter hikes, snowshoeing, skiing, and dog sledding, it looks like there is some winter fun for everyone.   We’ve only heard about it recently, but after looking it up, it’s moved to the top of our list for a winter weekend away!


Well, it looks like I’ve got some major planning to do!  Can’t wait to see where this year actually takes us…and we’d love to hear where you’re heading too!  What’s topping your list this year?  Drop us a comment and let us know!

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